About KiteSurf

We are one of the innovators who advanced the development of kitesurfing back in the 1990s. ​ With a combined background in Kite Buggying, Windsurfing, wakeboarding, we tinkered for years with kites, boards and boats to create KiteSurf in 1996 which is now often cited as the generic name of the sport. ​

While there were others emerging in the sport, we were the ones who put it on the map! In 1999, not only had we established kitesurfing as a sport, but moreover we brought about its largest variation by merging kitesurfing and wakeboarding through recruiting one of the best wakeboarders in the world at the time, Shannon Best. ​

With the entry of key players from the windsurfing and wakeboard industry, we took a step back to allow for the industry to mature before returning to the forefront of the sport.

Over the last 10 years, Shannon developed his own identity in the sport where he is now recognized as one of its innovators. After having developed Best Kiteboarding and unhappy with the direction the brand had taken under the investors’ managements, Shannon Best returned to Kitesurf to focus on the original core direction.

Our line of boards and kites embodies 20 years of Kitesurfing and wakeboarding equipment development, mixing both our original fundamentals of the sport and an urban vibe.​

We want to offer the best kitesurfing equipment on the market and to aim being one of the top brands on the market. We believe in quality and originality and we thrive to remain a small underground boutique brand where everyone has a passion for the sport of kitesurfing.

Amery Bernard

mini-Amery Bernard by Son Duong 2013With an accounting degree from University of Portland and professional experience in the public accounting industry, you might not have guessed Amery to wind up as a successful kite designer.

Being born and raised in Maui, some kind of involvement in water sports was simply inevitable. A few years after getting his degree and winding up behind a desk, he decided to leave the hum-drum, sedentary lifestyle and pursue a less financially rewarding, but more personally fulfilling path in the kiteboarding industry.After a short and successful retail and teaching experience combined with an equally success in the competition scene, Amery landed a sales rep position for Slingshot, one of the industry leaders.Amery’s innovative ideas and hard work ethic, combined with his teaching background and his technical understanding of the equipment landed him in Slingshot’s R&D department where he worked and developed some of their most successful kites.After developing groundbreaking designs at the base of the most popular products that exist in the industry today, Amery has joined KiteSurf.


Diego Shaw

mini-Diego Shaw by Son Duong 2013Diego Fernando Barragan Shaw has been involved in the wakeboarding industry since 2006. Over the past years Diego has been competing at the highest level in the sport and have had the opportunity to travel the world, compete with the worlds best riders.

Living in Boca Raton, Florida and riding at SKI RIXEN’s, the local cable facility in Deerfield beach, following Shannon Best’s influence, Diego recently discovered and fell in love with KiteSurfing.Ready to embark on a new journey with kiting Diego is looking forward to travel the world with KiteSurf. Diego is originally from Cali, Colombia.



Tricks & Signature Moves

2nd person to ever land a pete rose 720 off a kicker.

  • One of 3 riders world wide to ever land an air double hinterberger to revert (1-1-8 revert).
  • Created the “Spiral Fracture” – hinterberger rewind bend to blind.

Recent Competitions

2005 USA CWT Rixen – 1st place
2005 USA CWT Nationals OWC ( orlando watersports complex) – 1st place
2005 Rixen’s “No side like Toeside” – 2nd place
2006 King of cable USA – 2nd place 2006 IWWF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, Jetlake, Austria – 9th place Junior men
2007 WWA, Texas Ski ranch ,Texas – 4th place Pro men
2007 WWA wake park series tour Kansas stop – 4th place Pro men
2008 WWA Wake park WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, CWC, Phillipines- 3rd place Junior men
2009 McCormicks cable park Cable event .Tampa, Florida – 1st place pro men
2009 Hungarian Wakeboard Champ Series 3rd stop – 3rd place Pro men
2011 Hydrous- Allen, Texas ,WWA 3rd stop – 5th place Pro men

Sponsors & Pro Wakeboard Models

Rode for Rope Wakeboard’s. 2008-2010 DIEGO SHAW Pro Model size 135-138
Team Rider for WAKEOLOGY WAKEBOARDS 2010-2011
Team Rider for KiteSurf 2013 to Present

Irving Duarte Vargas

Irving just joined us and will be our new representative for Central America.  Based as of Managua, in Nicaragua, Irving should be your point of contact in the region for Demonstration and warranty.  His personal information is forth coming.

Irving acaba de unirse a nosotros y será nuestro nuevo representante para América Central. Con base a partir de Managua, en Nicaragua, Irving debe ser su punto de contacto en la zona de demostración y garantía. Su información personal se establece por venir.


Shannon Best

]Raw Shannon Best by Son Duong 2013Shannon Best moved to the US in 1993 to make it as the first Australian wakeboard professional team rider.
By 1995 and through the early 2000’s Shannon started placing himself in one of the top ten in most wakeboarding competitions winning the prestigious 1998 Pan Am Oahu in Hawaii and then the 2001 World Cable Ski Championships in Orlando, Florida in the freestyle and big air divisions. His sponsors included Connelly, Rip Curl, Liquid Force, Jet Pilot, Moomba Supra Boats and many more.
It was during this period that Shannon discovered kitesurfing. In 1999, he was first introduced to kiteboarding by Raphael Baruch from Kitesurf, the American distributor of F-One at the time. Sponsored by Kitesurf (kites) and Jimmy Lewis (boards,) from 2001 through 2003, Shannon spent three years riding and helping develop the sport in Maui with core riders such as Elliot LeBoe, Jack Webb, Lou Wainman, Mauricio Abreu and Nina Heinburg etc.
Shannon participated in numerous videos which help shape the sport bringing a more radical and broader presence to this new sport with his wakeboard reputation and background.
Since the beginning of his successful wakeboarding career in the US, Shannon has been dreaming of starting his own brand. At the end of 2003, he was offered this opportunity when a group of investors approached him offering to invest into a brand named after him. With his dream within reach Shannon jumped on the opportunity and started Best Kiteboarding. From 2004 to 2007 Best Kiteboarding went from rags to riches, and became the industry leader. Unfortunately, starting in 2008 due to poor management and internal politics, Best Kiteboarding began to lose its leading position.
While in disagreement with the direction the company took and more particularly its management, Shannon remained focused on the creative development and innovation of the brand and its image until 2012 when they parted ways.  On September 6, 2013, Shannon Best filed a lawsuit against Pure Acton Sports Worldwide and Ride Best for their fraudulent trademark registrations and the unauthorized use of his name and image.
Free of his past constraints and obligations under Best Kiteboarding, Shannon returned to the idea he had long ago of developing his own product line without having to answer to the politics of others but moreover without anyone to inhibit his own creativity and sense of community.
Going back to his beginnings, Shannon has joined again with Kitesurf which whom he had maintained a great relationship and has assembled his dream team to develop the best equipment available in the sport. Kitesurf new line of kites and boards will be introduced within months and will be the reflection of a team effort by well-known industry designers and innovators including amongst others Shannon Best, Amery , Son Duong, etc…



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